Discordias Roller Derby

2024 Season

Who we are

We are a women's flat track Roller Derby league, located in Mexico City and internationally affiliated with the WFTDA. Locally, our team is part of the Mexican Roller Derby Association since 2011 and, together with our sister team Disorder Mens Roller Derby, we are proud members of the EMEXRD league. We have participated in all 7 Mexican National Tournaments and we are currently in the number 2 position of the Roller Derby ranking in Mexico.

Since our league’s creation we have collaborated with the efforts to bring Roller Derby to our country, and we remain motivated to continue making tour sport grow. We have a skate academy where we train and prepare new recruits who are interested in joining our league.

We are Discordias Roller Derby and on the track as in life... We don't run, We defend!

Thanks for your support